Work Study

​Work-study provides qualified students the opportunity to obtain part-time employment during the academic year.  Students must be enrolled at least half-time in order to participate in the federal work-study program.  Eligibility is determined by the EFC on the FAFSA.
The awarded amount is indicated on the student’s award letter. The amount a student can earn will depend on the number of hours per week that the student works, and the hourly wage the student is paid. The current wage is $12.0​0​ per hour. DMACC employers offer students flexible work schedules on-campus.
Students may have the opportunity to work in an area related to their major, as well as other positions that can benefit them after graduation.  Due to the limited amount of federal funds, and limited availability of work-study positions, not every qualified student will obtain employment. 
If you have been offered College Federal Work-Study, please accept or decline the offer online on your E-Award notification.

​For questions about work-study on the Newton campus, please contact Jana Van Genderen 641-791-1725 or email​​​