The Jasper County Career Academy opened in 2009 and provides high school students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit for courses taken through the program. The program was created in partnership with participating school districts in Jasper County, including; Baxter, Colfax-Mingo, Lynnville-Sully, Newton, and Prairie City Monroe. School districts outside of Jasper County are also welcome to participate in the Career Academy programs.

Programs available through the Career Academy:

  • Auto Collision
  • Building Trades/Finish Carpentry
  • Business Administration
  • Certified Nurse Aide Training
  • Criminal Justice
  • Culinary Arts
  • Health Occupations
  • Human Services​
  • Teacher Academy
  • Welding

Registration Form

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Programs Available

Automotive Collision Technology
This program introduces students to the highly technological industry of Auto Collision and Repair.
Course # Course Name Credits
CRR150Basic Shop Safety1
CRR325Sheet Metal Fundamentals5
CRR101Sheet Metal Welding2
CRR841Principles of Refinishing5
CRR772Estimating Theory2

​DMACC offers the only baking program in Central Iowa!  Students can earn their Baking Diploma here at the DMACC Newton Campus.​

Course # Course Name Credits
HCM116Fundamentals of Baking3
HCM223Artisan Breads2
HCM100Sanitation & Safety2
HCM347International Pastries2
HCM130Plated Desserts1
HCM320Introduction to Hospitality2
Building Trades/Finish Carpentry
This program allows students to engage in experiential learning in the areas of Construction and Carpentry.
Course # Course Name Credits
CON333Materials/Construction Theory5
CON336Care/Use Hand/Power Tools1
CON337Construction Blueprint Reading1
CON346Concrete Systems & Forming4
CON338Materials Takeoff1
CON341Construction Drafting & Design2
CON334Construction Techniques7
Business Administration
Course # Course Name Credits
BUS148Small Business Management3
BUS102Intro to Business3
MKT110Principles of Marketing3
ADM221Career Development Skills2
FIN121Personal Finance3
MGT145Human Relations in Management3
Certified Nurse Aide Training
This is a semester-long certification program for students interested in becoming a CNA. Six DMACC credits are available upon completion of all DMACC Career Academy course oferings.
*Courses require extended clinical sessions in evenings and/or weekends
Course # Course Name Credits
HSC172Nurse Aide* 75 Hours3
HSC182Advanced Nurse Aide* 3
Criminal Justice
The Criminal Justice program introduces students to criminal law and careers in the criminal justice field.​
Course # Course Name Credits
CRJ100Intro to Criminal Justice3
CRJ107Survey Criminal Justice Agencies3
CRJ201Juvenile Delinquency3
Health Occupations
This year-long program will provide students the opportunity to explore careers in healthcare and work toward CNA training. Fourteen DMACC credits are available upon completion of all DMACC Career Academy course oferings. Students may choose to take this program as a one-semester course. Students registering for the program for the entire year will be given preference for registration.
Course # Course Name Credits
HSC101Emergency Care1
HSC105Survey of Health Careers1
HSC109Explore Health Career Building Team3
HSC114Medical Terminology3
HSC172Nurse Aide 75 Hours3
HSC182Advanced Nurse Aide3
Human Services
This program is designed for those students who are interested in gaining a better understanding of the Human Services field and the helping professions. The program emphasizes skills needed in working with clients such as interviewing, making appropriate referrals and assisting with counseling. Due to the nature of this class, mature topics will be discussed. Any concerns should be discussed with the instructor. Eight DMACC credits are available upon completion of all DMACC Career Academy course offerings. This program is only available Spring Semester.
Course # Course Name Credits
Spring Semester
HSV109Intro to Human Services3
HSV130Interviewing/Interpersonal Skills3
ADM221Career Development Skills2
Teacher Academy
The Teacher Academy provides students with an opportunity to explore education-related professions and take part in real-life teaching experiences.
Course # Course Name Credits
EDU210Foundations of Education3
WBL100Exploring Careers1
EDU218Initial Field Experience2
SDV164Electronic Portfolio Development2
This program allows students to engage in experiential learning in the area of welding.
Course # Course Name Credits
WEL228Intro to Safety & Health of Welders1
WEL244Gas Metal Arc Welding Short Circuit Transfer2
WEL245Gas Metal Arc Welding Spray Transfer2
WEL233Print Reading & Symbol Interpretation3
WEL262OFC -1 Manual & Mech.: SENSE12
WEL266Thermal Cutting Proc. II1