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John Ratzenberger

Actor and Director

Best known for playing Cliff on the beloved TV sitcom “Cheers” throughout the show’s entire 11-year run. Ratzenberger has also voiced a variety of PIXAR characters; in fact, he is the only actor to voice a character in every PIXAR film released to-date.

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Molly Bloom

Author and Founder

Best-selling author of “Molly’s Game,” a memoir that chronicles her journey from a college student and Los Angeles waitress to founder and operator of the largest and most notorious private poker game in the world. An award-winning film adaptation of her book, starring actress Jessica Chastain and directed by Aaron Sorkin, was released in 2017.

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Alex Weber

Author and Keynote Speaker

An author, international keynote speaker on leadership and peak performance, and the only person to both host and compete on NBC’s Emmy-nominated series “American Ninja Warrior”.​

Dr. Shawna Pandya

Physician, Aquanaut, Scientist-astronaut, Martial Artist and Advanced Underwater Diver

With backgrounds in neuroscience, space, entrepreneurship and medicine, Dr. Pandya has led a life devoted to technology, innovation, social development and adventure.

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Mitch Matthews

Dream Coach and Author of “Ignite!”

Host of the DREAM THINK DO podcast, which is in the top 0.5% of all podcasts interviewing some of the top business minds in the world. Matthews’ goal is to help people to push through their fear to DREAM bigger, THINK better and DO more of what they were put on the planet to do. A native of Newton, Iowa, he now resides in Des Moines.

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Kenny Aronoff

One of the World’s Most Influential and In-Demand Drummers

Grammy Award-winning drummer Kenny Aronoff, who was named one of the “100 Greatest Drummers of All Time” by Rolling Stone magazine. Aronoff has recorded and toured with some of the biggest stars in every genre of music, including John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, Bob Seger, Ringo Starr, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Melissa Etheridge, Gregg Allman, Alanis Morissette, Goo Goo Dolls, Joe Cocker, Sting and many others. He will be joined at ciLive! 14 by bass guitarist James Lomenzo, who’s played with White Lion, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, Ace Frehley, David Lee Roth, Megadeth and John Fogerty, and by guitarist Brent Woods, a student of the legendary Randy Rhoads who’s played with Vince Neil, Kristin Chenoweth, John Waite and Sebastian Bach.

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James LoMenzo

Bass Guitarist

LoMenzo has played with many artists and groups including White Lion, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, Ace Frehley, David Lee Roth, Megadeth, and John Fogerty.​​

Brent Woods


​Guitarist and student of the legendary Randy Rhoads who’s played with artists including Vince Neil, Kristin Chenoweth, John Waite, and Sebastian Bach.​

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