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A fun, hands-on, creative, and collaborative space. [Learn More]

1742 {200+ years} 1965

American Innovators

They each started with an idea, but they didn’t stop there—even in the face of prejudice, lack of formal education, or class constraints. [Learn More]

Telecom150 Years of Telecom

1845 {150 years} 1995


As our culture undergoes continual change, few things have had a more powerful impact than the rapid advances in electronic communication, more specifically in the areas of telecommunications and data communications. [Learn More]

1975 {20 years} 1995

Personal Computing

Since 1975, the personal computer has developed from a machine with little practical use to a product that touches almost everyone in some way. [Learn More]

Each year


Recent studies and employer surveys have pointed to a deficiency in creativity and innovation skills in graduates of both two- and four-year colleges and universities.

Innovation is a critical element of growth at all levels. An additional aspect of the exhibition is the annual spring ciLive! (Celebrate! Innovation Live). During this week, DMACC West classes are suspended and students are immersed in a variety of interactive subjects surrounding the topics of creativity and innovation. The intent of ciLive! is to engage students in a focused context outside of their normal studies to help them see both the value and process of innovation, as well as some of the people currently involved in it.

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