Correspondence Program Policies & Procedures


Enrollment forms should be emailed to the High School Correspondence Office as listed at the bottom of this page.

The fee for each course is $100.00 plus the cost of books. Payments can be made by the participating high school or the student. Students wishing to make a payment can call Student Accounts at 515-964-6446. Fees are assessed upon the receipt of the enrollment form. No refunds will be given for dropped students or incomplete courses.

Students have four months from the day of enrollment to complete the course. The enrollment date will be approximately five days from the date that the enrollment form was emailed. Time extensions will be granted with an additional enrollment fee.

Scoring of Tests:

Tests can be completed on paper or online. As paper tests are completed, please scan and email as a PDF to the Correspondence Office as listed on the last page of this document. Paper tests must be dated and bear the student's full name. Online testing is done via Canvas. Student Canvas accounts are created as part of the enrollment process.

60% is the minimum acceptable score on any one test in a course. However, an average of 70% or above is necessary for a successful completion.

It is advisable to forward paper tests as they are completed to the Correspondence Office for grading. It is in the best interest of the student to wait until you receive confirmation of scores before taking more tests. This will help ensure a successful completion. Online tests are graded instantly.

Test proctors must be certified teachers. The proctor is responsible for the integrity of the testing process.

Re-Test Policy:

Re-tests will be sent only if a student fails to meet the minimum of 60% on individual tests or is below the 70% minimum for the course. Only one re-test is allowed for each exam. Scores will be averaged with the original score.

Course Completions:

When a student successfully completes a course, the participating high school will receive a grade sheet and a completion letter confirming the completion.

Course Failures:

After re-tests, if the student still fails to earn an overall average of 70%, a course failure will be processed. The student may re-enroll, but he or she will be required to start the course over. The participating high school will receive a copy of the grade sheet and a course failure letter.

Student Drop Policy:

If a student is dropped, either at your request or because the course is not completed within the allotted 4 months, we will maintain the test scores for 12 months from the original enrollment date. You may re-enroll a student during those 12 months, and we will include the existing scores.

After one year from the original enrollment date, the student will be required to start the course over. No existing test scores will be honored.

Amy Anderson
Adjunct ELL Professor, West Campus
High School Correspondence Coordinator