Iowa Welding Institute at DMACC


A career in welding and manufacturing, including equipment setup and operation, welding, brazing, cutting, arc welding, blueprint reading and more.

Make metal into machines, buildings and more as a skilled welder. If you have a steady hand, a sharp eye and a passion for metalwork, this could be the career for you. Demand is high and employers are looking for educated people who can join metals to exact specifications. Start today and get qualified at the Iowa Welding Institute at DMACC.

Welding classes are held at: Ankeny Campus, Carroll Campus, Newton Campus, Perry Center, Southridge Center.​

About the Program:

Career Examples
What You'll Do
Core Job Skills
Average Salary

Welding Career Examples

  • Aluminum Welder
  • Fabrication Welder
  • Fabricator, Fitter/Welder
  • Maintenance Welder
  • Mig Welder
  • Welder
  • Welder/Fabricator

What You'll Do

  • Control machines and processes
  • Handle and move objects
  • Identify objects, actions, and events
  • Communicate with supervisors, peers, or subordinates
  • Perform general physical activities
  • Inspect equipment, structures, or material
  • Monitor processes, materials, or surroundings
  • Repair and maintain mechanical equipment
  • Draft, lay out, and specify technical devices, parts, and equipment

Core Job Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Dependability
  • Integrity
  • Persistence
  • Cooperation
  • Self-control
  • Initiative

Average Salary (Iowa)

  • $35,360 per year