Success Stories

Brad Meek

Brad Meek

Brad wants people considering this career to know it’s extremely rewarding.  “Most places know how hard it is to get a good operator with the right education. When you come into the job with the knowledge and know how that this program will give you, the companies do what they need to or have to, to keep the employee happy and satisfied.”

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Dani Scott Daní Scott

As a stay-at-home mother of 2 children under five years old and on state assistance, she knew she wanted to be able to provide more for them than she currently could. She believed she had the ability to learn a trade in order to be more financially stable and independent, and knew she didn’t want to rely on others to get by.

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Nick Obernolte

Nick Obernolte   

When Nick Obernolte graduated from North Polk High School, he pondered his next move. His dad owns Allied Systems in Des Moines, an industrial waste water company, repair and wholesale plumbing company.

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Cole Daniel Cole Daniel

As a recent graduate of Carroll Kuemper High School, Cole Daniel pondered his next move. He says college was "never in the cards" and classroom experiences seemed overwhelming. After a few different jobs, he worked at a home improvement store.

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Ben Nelson Ben Nelson

Ellsworth resident Ben Nelson recently attempted and completed a rarity. The U.S. Navy Veteran took five Iowa Department of Natural Resource (DNR) Operator Certification Exams and successfully completed all five on his first attempt.

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