Law Course for Iowa Licensure

​To become licensed as a funeral director in Iowa, an applicant must pass a one-credit course in Iowa Law in addition to, or as part of, an accredited Mortuary Science Program. DMACC's Mortuary Science Program offers this course nine times per year, and ​students can enroll in one of these sections prior to the beginning of the section. The steps to complete this course are:

1. Apply for admission to DMACC.  On your application, apply as a​ guest​ student for the Liberal Arts AA program. It is important to apply for admission in this manner, or the processing of your application may be incorrect or delayed. Begin the application.​

For assistance with this process, please contact the Admissions office at 515-965-7337.

Students will be notified when the admission application has been processed. Immediately after this notification, separate notifications will provide DMACC ID#, email address, username, and password. Notifications are sent on a daily basis by mail and email.

2.  Once you have been accepted, complete the ​ Directed Study Form 2.0​​​

To complete the Directed Study form linked above, please use Kevin Patterson (​) as the instructor and Jeanie McCarville-Kerber as the dean.

​Once you submit the electronic form, the instructor will mail you a booklet of material and will email you a copy of the syllabus for you. You will need to contact the Business Office approximately 7-10 days after the form is submitted to pay for the course.​

3​. The student and the faculty will coordinate when the student can begin the online course.

To remain in the course, the student must log into the course by a date listed on the syllabus.

The course consists of five lessons and a final exam.

Once the course begins, you can progress as quickly as you wish.

When you finish​ the fourth lesson, submit the Proctor request form found on the course homepage to the instructor.

The instructor will then forward the exam password to your requested proctor.

Once the course is completed, the Program will inform the Board of Mortuary Science that you have passed the course.

For more information contact us.