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Students in the DMACC Horticulture program focus on the art and science of horticulture through a combination of classroom theory, laboratory practice and hands-on-learning. The modern greenhouse and newly renovated indoor and outdoor labs provide the student state of the art facilities to experience the latest in green industry techniques and practices.  Careers in this field require more than a green thumb, that’s why DMACC’s Horticulture program lays a broad base -- in science, in design, and in business.

“I liked that you could select an emphasis that matched your interest, for me it was in turf, which allowed me to go a little deeper in that subject.” 

Kyle F
DMACC Alumni

The comprehensive program includes courses in plant production, landscape design, soil science, plant identification, horticulture business, turf care, food crops, sustainable practices and landscape construction. An internship experience is also critical part of the program, allowing the student to experience the green industry and learn invaluable on-the-job skills.


The DMACC Horticulture program has long-standing partnerships with many local horticulture related entities. Field trips are frequent to garden centers, greenhouses, nurseries, arboretums, parks and nature centers. Guest lectures frequent the classrooms and offer timely and broad insight into an industry that is constantly changing. The department advisory board is made up of local industry leaders that meet twice a year to review and enhance the direction of the horticulture program.

“This program definitely prepared me very well to start my profession as a grower without a lot of needed training or preparation from my employer.” 
Toni D
DMACC Alumni


The DMACC horticulture faculty finds its roots in the professional ranks. Jim Mason is the full-time instructor and is supported by an experienced adjunct faculty. Feel free to reach out to Jim at jimason@dmacc.edu​.​

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