commercial horticulture internships

​​After completing the first year, you will complete a 150 hour internship in the Horticulture Industry. An internship provides you with valuable hands-on experience and in many instances, may result in a position as a full time employee.

What students say about internships:

  • Help you learn about a career field from the inside
  • Help you decide if this is the right job for you
  • Allow you to observe the work place and see if it matches your expectations
  • You have an opportunity to add to your knowledge base
  • Gives you confidence in your abilities
  • Provide a bridge between school and the professional world
  • May open the door to a permanent position
  • Help you gain an advantage over other applicants

Businesses seeking DMACC interns:

If you are interested in having a DMACC Horticulture student intern for you, post your job on the DMACC Career Center's website.