Start a Challenging Career in Electrical Trades!

You need certain knowledge and skills to begin a career in Electrical Trades.

The DMACC Electrical Trades Diploma Program helps you develop the knowledge and learn these skills. 

Through participation in this program, students also discover the many opportunities available in Electrical trades. To discern what career path best fits their interests, students are introduced through classroom and lab activities to many different electrical career options. From residential, commercial and industrial electrical construction, to electrical maintenance, and automation, the opportunities are vast.
Students are prepared for entry-level positions in residential, commercial and industrial electrical construction, electrical maintenance, and automation.

Graduates of the program may decide to begin an apprenticeship for a non-union or union electrical construction firm and will be eligible to apply for credit of hours towards the apprenticeship. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor predicts continued above average growth in electrical trades.
Electricians, Maintenance Technicians, and Automation Specialists are in high demand.
Development of new technologies continue to expand in the electrical field for residential, 
commercial and industrial locations. 

Electrical Trades employers are trying to meet the hiring needs of an ever-growing market.
Electricians - Percent change in employment - projected 2014-2024. Electricians up 14%. Construction Trades Workers up 10%. Total all occupations up 7%