Five Reasons Why Today's Automotive Careers Are Not The Same Anymore

Thinking about an automotive career? Here's five reasons why it's a smart move in today's world.

1. Job Security
With more than 254 million passenger vehicles in the U.S. today, and the average age of cars being 11.5 years old, the need for repairs are greater than ever before.
2. DIY Repair Days Are Over
Computerized equipment under the hood and the emergence of hybrid technology means auto repairs have become more technical and have changed the “fix it in your drive” mentality.
Automotive Good Pay
Average dealership technicians earns $40,650/ye​ar with the top 10 percent of technicians earning an average of $59,590/year.
4 Automotive
Today's techs use equipment and technology to reduce the work. Computers and updated equipment are now the norm in today's shops.
5 Automotive
The preferred diagnostic tool for today's technicians is a laptop computer and an oscilloscope program as opposed to the disassembly of components and systems to find the problem. More than 1,000 trouble codes can be found with today's diagnostic tools, pinpointing the problem quickly.