Career Academy Programs - DMACC Perry VanKirk Center

​​​​​​During the day, the DMACC Career Academy offers career and technical programs primarily to high school students through a partnership with area districts.

The Career Academy primarily serves students from ADM, Panorama, Perry, and Woodward Granger. Some of the educational programs include state-of-the-art facilities for academic courses such as composition and psychology, automotive technology, health occupations, ag business, business, criminal justice, and ​office/clinic support assistant certificate.

These classes provide area high school students with excellent educational opportunities. Registration in these courses is handled by local guidance counselors and principals. Nearly 250 students from the tri-county area (Dallas, Boone, Guthrie) took advantage of free college credits at the VanKirk Career ​Academy.

Programs Available

Applied Engineering Technology Academy

​Applied Engineering Technology is an exploratory academy that provides students with basics of electricity, motor control, print reading, hydraulics and pneumatics. This is an ideal program for students interested in entering the workforce in industrial maintenance, as a construction contractor, in an electrical field, or pursuing a degree in engineering. Thirteen DMACC credits are available upon completion of all DMACC Career Academy course offerings.

Course # Course Name Credits
ELT123Programable Controller 3
ELT131Motor Controls3
ELT303Principles of Electricity3
MFG276Hand & Bench Tools1
WBL100Work Based Learning1
Criminal Justice Academy

The Criminal Justice program introduces students to criminal law and crime scene investigation and prepares them for entry into the criminal justice field. Twelve DMACC credits are available upon completion of this DMACC Career Academy course offering.​

Course # Course Name Credits
CRJ100Intro to Criminal Justice3
CRJ141Criminal Investigations3
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Academy

​*Returning Spring 2024

​Ready to make a difference? The Emergency Services Program provides students the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to provide lifesaving services. EMT students will function in uncommon and high-stress situations by performing comprehensive patient assessments, obtaining vital signs, controlling hemorrhaging, bandaging wounds, administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (including the use of automated external defibrillators), and providing pre-hospital emergency medical care of simple and multiple system injuries. Six DMACC credits are available upon completion of this DMACC Career Academy course offering. **Students must be at least 17 years of age by the first day of class. *In addition to classroom time, students will be required to attend clinical and field rotations during the course of the class, which will require time outside the classroom. Students will also have to complete a criminal background check.

Course # Course Name Credits
EMS214Emergency Medical Technician6
Health Occupations Academy

​This year-long program will provide students the opportunity to explore careers in healthcare and work toward CNA training.​

Course # Course Name Credits
HSC114Medical Terminology3
HSC172Nurse Aide 75 Hours3
HSC182Advanced Nurse Aide3
Human Services
Course # Course Name Credits
HSV109Intro to Human Services3
HSV130Interviewing/Interpersonal Relationships3
Liberal Arts Transfer Academy
Course # Course Name Credits
ENG105Composition I3
ENG106Composition II3
ENV115Environmental Science3
ENV116Environmental Science3
HIS152American History 1877-Present3
LIT105Children’s Liturature3
POL111American National Government3
PSY111Introduction to Psychology3
PSY121Developmental Psychology3
SOC110Introduction to Sociology3
SPC101Fund. of Oral Communication3
Teacher Academy
The Teacher Academy provides students with an opportunity to explore education-related professions and take part in real-life teaching experiences.
Course # Course Name Credits
EDU210Foundations of Education3
EDU218Initial Field Experience2
PSY121Developmental Psychology3
PSY281Educational Psychology3
SDV164Electronic Portfolio Development2
WBL100Exploring Careers1
Welding Academy
 This program allows students to engage in experiential learning in the area of welding.
Course # Course Name Credits
WEL228Intro to Welding Safety and Health of Welders1
WEL233Print Read/Sym Inter: SENSE13
WEL244GMAW Short Circuit Transfer2
WEL254Inspection/Test Princ: SENSE11
WEL262OFC-I Manual & Mech: SENSE12