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​​​​​​​Online Course Selection Advice

Below are online course options that will meet a core requirement for an Associate in Arts (AA) Degree at DMACC.  If you are planning to attend a college other than DMACC after high school graduation, you will want to discuss coursework with that future institution early in the process to maximize credit transferability. 

Courses below that are marked with an asterisk * also meet the criteria to transfer as a core course at all 3 Regent Universities (Iowa, ISU, and UNI).  If a course does not have an *, it could still transfer to a regent or other institution but wasn’t identified at all 3 collectively.  

 Communications – 9 credits needed

Social & Behavioral Sciences – 9 credits needed
(must complete at least 3 courses.  Each course must be from a distinct/different discipline)

Mathematics and Sciences – 9 credits
(1 course must be Science with Lab and 1 Math course)

Humanities – 9 credits

Distributed Requirement – 10 credits
(Any 9 unduplicated credits from the list above and 1 SDV108 credit below)

  • SDV108 – The College Experience – 1 credit

Electives – 18 credits – Recommended electives as a good fit for high school students who are exploring:

Diversity Requirement – 1 course is required, but this course may count in the areas above as well.

Other DMACC online courses may be available and requested although not on the above list.