DMACC's Automotive Program Partners with Subaru

Posted 12/11/2018

​Subaru is the Fourth Dealer-Specific Automotive Program at DMACC

DMACC's automotive department has announced a new a partnership with Subaru, called Subaru-U http​s://

This unique partnership between Subaru and DMACC allows students to learn and receive specific training related towards Subaru vehicles. 

“Students who choose to work at a Subaru dealership after completing the DMACC Automotive Technology program will leave with Subaru certifications," said DMACC Automotive Programs Chair Jerry Burns. “When they graduate from Subaru-U, they will possess the required skills needed to be an entry-level technician and be able to work on today's technology-advanced Subaru vehicles."    

Burns said the local Subaru dealer, Ramsey Subaru, supports the partnership.

“This partnership came about because Dave Davis, the local Subaru dealer's service manager and DMACC Advisory Committee member, made the recommendation for DMACC to become a Subaru U school," said Burns.  “From there, the national Subaru-U manager toured the DMACC Ankeny Campus facility and reviewed DMACC's accreditation through NATEF (National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation). Subaru will only partner with NATEF accredited schools."     

The DMACC Automotive Technology program has manufacturer partnerships with General Motors for the GM Automotive Service Education Program (ASEP), Ford with the Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET) program, Fiat Chrysler with the College Automotive Program (CAP) and now Subaru with the Subaru-U program.

Subaru-U will be located on the DMACC Ankeny Campus in the planned 12-million-dollar state-of-the-art Automotive Training Center that will house DMACC's automotive and collision training programs.  DMACC will start offering Subaru specific training in the fall of 2019.

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