Graduation Information

Application for Graduation

Candidates for graduation must complete an Application For Graduation in order to receive their diploma. Students who do not complete requirements for graduation in the semester for which they applied must submit a new application. Students who plan to participate in one of the annual commencement ceremonies must indicate their intent on the Application For Graduation. There is no graduation fee. Students who plan to receive more than one degree, diploma or certificate need to complete a graduation application for each program. Candidates for graduation should submit their applications to the Credentials/Graduation Office by the dates below.

Semester You Plan to Graduate Due Date for Application
Fall November 1
Spring March 1
Summer March 1*
Summer August 1

*If you plan to participate in the Annual Commencement Ceremonies

Diplomas are mailed out within six weeks after final grades are posted.


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  • Students who graduate at the end of Fall and Spring semesters or Summer terms are invited to participate in the annual commencement ceremonies in May.
  • There is no charge to participate in commencement ceremonies.

Graduating with Honors

Students who earn a grade point average of 3.50 or higher in their program of study will graduate with honors. Honor students may wear a gold cord at the commencement ceremony. Their distinction may be noted in the printed commencement program and recorded on their final transcript.

DMACC also has an Honors Program.

For information on the college graduation requirements policy, please see the Policies & Procedures section of the Student Handbook.

Am I on Track to Graduate?

To check your progress toward degree completion, please see your DegreeWorks Audit.

Not sure what DegreeWorks is: View information about DegreeWorks.

December Graduate Receptions

Each campus (Ankeny, Boone, Carroll, Newton, Urban and West) has a reception in December for students who are completing their program at the end of the December term. Please contact your campus’s Dean’s Office for dates and other information.

Alumni Association

Once you graduate, stay in touch with us! DMACC has an active Alumni Association.

Reverse Transfer

This gives students pursuing a four-year degree a way to earn an Associate’s Degree from DMACC based on a combination of their previous work at DMACC and current course work at a four-year institution. Reverse Transfer Information

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